On the cusp of another thrilling jet ski season, we’re reviewing four top-rated handheld VHF radios for 2023. From the feature-packed Standard Horizon HX890 to the user-friendly Cobra HH350, we’ll dive into the details to help you navigate the waves with the most reliable gear this year.

Standard Horizon HX890

Standard Horizon HX890

First on our list, and the one that really impressed us, is the Standard Horizon HX890. Its stellar features set it apart from the crowd, making it our top-rated “Best” radios pick. With a whopping 6W transmit power output and a hefty 1800mAh high capacity Li-ion battery promising 11 hours of operating time, it’s as reliable as they come.

What makes the HX890 really shine is its built-in integrated 66 channel WAAS GPS Receiver, which, coupled with digital selective calling, waypoint and route navigation, and group monitor function, provides unparalleled functionality. And let’s not forget the water-activated emergency strobe light – a godsend in emergency situations. On top of all this, it’s submersible and floats, a feature that anyone who’s accidentally dropped their radio in the water will appreciate!

Standard Horizon HX210

Standard Horizon HX210

Our next pick, the Standard Horizon HX210, is what we’d label as “Better”. It’s a more compact version of its HX890 sibling, but it doesn’t skimp on power with its 6W output. The high-resolution dot matrix LCD display and programmable function keys give it a user-friendly edge.

The built-in FM broadcast band receiver is a nice touch, and the 3-hour desktop rapid charger ensures that you’re always ready to go. While it lacks the GPS functionality of the HX890, the HX210 still manages to hold its own with its robust features and reliability.

Uniden MHS75

Uniden MHS75

The Uniden MHS75 is a basic, no-frills handheld VHF radio that we’ve rated as ‘Good’. Its main strengths lie in its durability and full JIS8 waterproof rating.

This radio provides a simple and affordable solution for marine communication, covering all USA, International, and Canadian marine channels. It also comes preprogrammed with NOAA weather channels, a useful feature for staying updated with severe weather conditions. However, it lacks the floating capability found in some other models, so it’s essential to maintain a firm grip on this one.

Cobra HH350


The Cobra HH350 distinguishes itself in our ‘Better’ category with its noise-cancelling microphone, which ensures clear communication even amidst the din of sea conditions. A standout feature is its “burp” function that vibrates water out of the speaker grill, improving audio performance after submersion.

The HH350 is also designed to float, providing an extra layer of security if dropped overboard. It keeps you updated with the built-in NOAA weather radio channel, a crucial feature when out at sea. However, its 1-year warranty doesn’t quite measure up to the 3-year coverage offered by other models, placing it slightly lower in our rankings.


Choosing the right VHF radio can make a world of difference during your marine adventures. As you decide, consider your specific needs, budget, and the features that are most important to you. Whether it’s the top-of-the-line HX890, the reliable HX210, the durable MHS75, or the user-friendly HH350, there’s a radio out there ready to be your trusty companion!

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